20 Imperative Laws of Officer Wellness & Well-being – March 2021 Virtual Workshop

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GRIT is a positive trait with perseverance and passion that helps us push through Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).  RESILIENCE is the speed by which we recover from it.  HARDINESS is the ability to neurologically strengthen our capacity with valence, before, during and after It.” … Mitch Javidi, Ph.D

Law Enforcement professionals of all ranks and assignments are exposed to occupational trauma and stress daily.  Preparing for that trauma and stress is essential to improving functionality in both our personal and professional lives.  Law Enforcement personnel are often reluctant to seek outside support and try to “power through” by building compartments in their lives that erode their resilience, not addressing the primary factors that create moral scars.

Magnus OVEA for Enhanced Wellness and Resiliency is the tool to effectively heal our moral scars while providing enhanced functionality through a deep dive into understanding the neurobiology of stress, design thinking for optimal health and performance and improving resilience by understanding the mental, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of our true selves. Through understanding the impacts of trauma and stress and applying the effective tools learned in this educational process all participants will foster resilience enhancing their psychophysiological functioning at home and in the field.

The Workshop introduces wellness and well-being, MAGNUS OVEA, an internationally recognized theory and practice of human behavior.  The workshop addresses fragility and challenges associated with wellness and well-being in public safety. The key imperatives for building a “Culture of Anti-Fragility” at both personal and professional level are scientifically demonstrated and directly applied in the classroom setting.  More specifically, the workshop will provide effective methods for processing stress and overcoming trauma through proactive strategies for turbocharging mental and emotional resiliency.  It is a fresh and innovative way of excelling beyond wellness into well-being with an ultimate goal of reducing personal and organizational risks and liabilities.

The science developed to assist both the military and Law Enforcement and Public Safety will provide dynamic and motivational presentation to capture your attention while teaching you neurobiological and personality triggers to help you protect yourself against the effects of stress chemicals including the over use of cortisol.

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