Perception Power for EDGE Performance - 4 Hrs. Virtual Workshop - January 12, 2022

Perception Power for EDGE Performance
4 hrs. Virtual Workshop
Sponsored by the National Command & Staff College

Dates: January 12, 2022

Schedule: 1 pm -5 pm daily (EST)

Credit Type:  4 hours, Continuing Education
Registration: $125
Textbook:  Included
Registration Closes:
December 25, 2021



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Workshop Overview

In the growing disruption in the world of business, Linda sees leaders craving new approaches to focus themselves to be deliberate and decisive at the EDGE of their game.  The need to cultivate perception to see unfolding success, to drive alignment to strategic and innovative opportunities, to mitigate hesitation at the edge of technology and business is becoming increasingly more essential.  This program will showcase how to leverage perception management skills to enable your Perception Power to enhance your capacity to drive EDGE Performance.

Linda created the Perception Power Model from her experiences coaching over 1500 leaders from frontline supervisors to senior leaders.  She noticed that the majority of all leaders struggled with managing perceptions especially in volatile demanding operational roles. She created the Perception Power Model to be useful and easily applied by operational leaders.  Her model gives leaders the awareness and skills to take charge of how to build buy-in, appreciation for what they are doing, visibility to their readiness for promotion and influence and how they are connecting the dots between strategy and action.  The more at the EDGE a leader is working, the better their Perception Management needs to propel safety, decisions and alignment.

Why Perception Power?

    • Understanding Perception Power
    • Breakout session on their whys which becomes their focus on their Action Plan (Your Business Case)
    • Overview of Perception Power Model

5 Skills Deep Dive

    • Breakouts on how to leverage and implement 5 skills

Next 5 Skills Deep Dive

    • Breakouts on how to leverage and implement 5 skills

Application of Perception Power

    • Antifragility/Magnus and Perception Power (Mitch)
    • Key Organizational EDGE Performance Applications
    • Culture Change and evolution
    • Connecting the Dots Between Strategy and Action
    • Building EDGE Awareness and Capacity

Learning Objectives

  • Build your understanding on what perception is and your business case for building your Perception Power
  • Learn the 10 skills of the Perception Power Model
  • Work on your Action Plan to leverage the 10 skills of the Perception Power Model
  • Build your understanding on how to leverage Perception Power as a strategic agent to enhance team and organizational culture, to more readily lead connecting the dots between strategy & action and strengthening decisiveness at The EDGE

About Linda Shaffer-Vanaria

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria
President and Founder of Enterprise Coaching of Carlsbad
Commissioner, The National Command & Staff College
U.S. Naval officer, Test pilot, Squadron commander, and Director of the Navy’s Pacific leader training (Ret.)

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria has over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach, consultant, and business change agent.  She has extensive experience coaching leaders and learning/application groups including large-scale coaching initiatives for enterprise leadership development and cultural transformation; She also has extensive personal leadership experience and thought leadership in the realms of connecting the dots between strategy and action and leveraging systems thinking to gain the big picture essential for strategically manifesting pathways forward with complexity and dynamic environments.  Linda has extensive experience championing leaders to evolve best practices to optimize their performance for competing priorities, complexities, ambiguities and uncertainties.  She facilitates leaders to step out of the box and move into uncharted territory. She has coached over 1,500 leaders spanning front line supervisors, managers, directors, C-Level leaders, and government Senior Executive Service (SES) personnel, including, facilitating diverse learning and application teams. This range of experience coaching enables Linda to champion the leaders she coaches to understand how their leadership is perceived and impacting across the organization enabling them to more readily make decisive shifts in their approaches.  Linda has also coached leaders across the full spectrum of enterprise roles including Strategy, Quality Assurance, IT, Police, Firefighters, Safety Professionals, Contracting, Human Relations, Customer Support, Program & Project Management, Logistics & Warehousing, Energy, Finance, Engineering, and diverse Operational Roles.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria is a former U.S. Navy Test Pilot, Squadron Commanding Officer and was Director of the U.S. Navy’s Leader Training Unit.  As Commanding Officer, her squadron was awarded an operational excellence award for first time in its 21 year history.  She was also personally acknowledged by the Chief of Naval Operations as one of five Pacific Fleet finalists for the Vice Admiral Stockdale Leadership Award.  Following her tenure in the military, Linda was a strategic hire working for Royal Dutch Shell as part of a global team of 40 Change Agents, performing strategic leadership development and business improvement initiatives in support of the organizational global strategy.  She has since been an Executive Coach in her own practice, Enterprise Coaching of Carlsbad, for 18 years.

Coaching Approach:   Linda starts with exploring the real challenges each group and each leader is facing including their views of their own work, leadership style, and desired future.  Her approach is to champion looking through the lenses that encompass the big picture; including, the lenses of the individual leader, the strategic needs of the organization, cultural dynamic and the practices of the respective industry at large.  This sets the foundation for discussions of breakthrough development.  Linda views the coaching process as a multi-dimensional opportunity for the leader and also their organization, to realize just-in-time development and cultural enhancement as well as to build strong awareness of how their day to day thinking and practices can emerge and align.  Ultimately, she facilitates her clients in strategic learning to champion their capacity to take ownership and drive how they become a magnet for the awareness, tools, mindsets, and success elements to decisively bring solutions to their greatest challenges and illuminate opportunities to achieve their most aspirational goals and desires.

Coaching Style:  Linda’s coaching style is one of setting a tone of emotional safety with deep listening with genuine interest in what the leader and team is expressing. Her style is to help to separate out the pieces so the leaders and group can readily see the elements of their story and put them in context by looking at their lenses and other possible lenses and perspectives; continually expanding their view of the big picture. Linda believes from her 20 years’ experience as a facilitator-coach that as leader’s grow their awareness, their capacity for architecting new approaches vastly increases, thereby enabling leaders and teams to become increasingly more deliberate, focused and confident. Linda also readily shares stories, ideas and examples of her own and other thinking & range of application as fuel for expanding perspectives and options.  Her overall style is very championing, continually helping leaders to witness their own growth and have respect for the powerful results their many micro-steps are achieving and can continue to achieve despite the all else that is on their plate

Linda is a Thought Leader on EDGE Performance.   Linda defines EDGE as beyond “out of the box.” She believes that when you are at the EDGE, you are at a place of expanding boundaries into unknown and uncharted territory.  This territory takes a very different set of skills than a territory of known and definable parameters. Linda passion for EDGE Performance was ignited following her narrow survival of aircraft accident which she has come to call 2.5 Seconds to Live; a Leader’s Guide story.

Linda’s perspective about leading at the EDGE is two-fold.  First, you must realize that operating at peak performance equates to accomplishing nominal tasks with precision application of our knowledge and skills.  Second, you must understand that EDGE Performance is familiarity and confidence in channeling peak performance to achieve engagement in a box of ever-changing dimensions and possibilities.  In our work and life, we will not, nor should we be at the EDGE in every moment.  That is not the goal. The goal is to understand where we are in the Operating Envelope and to hold a relationship with the Envelope of Possibility so we can more readily define a box of our choosing and more knowingly take ownership of when and how we engage EDGE  Linda  has created numerous models and concepts on EDGE Performance and readily shares them with those she coaches to enable them to retool their approaches to achieve their EDGE.

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