National 4 Star Certification

  1. This certification is designed for those who have successfully completed the Credible Leadership Series (ICLD I-IV) course through this portal or one of our partnering agencies (Example, Wake Tech Community College, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc.).
  2. You do not need this certification if you have already enrolled or have completed the Emerging Leaders Course – ACE 2 directly through the National Command & Staff College.

If the condition # 1 above applies to you and you wish to proceed for testing, please register below. Upon your successful completion, you will be recognized as a 4 Star Credible Leader by the CJC-CLD with honors, and privileges of a professional accomplishment with international recognition.  Your badge will be issued by our college and you will be able to secure your ACE College Transfer recommendation for 6-hours of upper division Undergraduate Level Credit directly through ACE.

For more information, contact Ms. Sherry Bass at [email protected]



Seats Available!

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