Fire Fighter Series

The content of Fire Fighter Series I & 2, as presented by the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) on this portal, follows the lesson plans associated with the “Essentials of Fire Fighting, 5th Edition”.  The modules were produced in 2012 to assist career and volunteer firefighters to sharpen their skills.

The topics included in this series are: 

  • Fire Fighter Series I
    • Firefighter Orientation
    • Firefighter Safety and Health
    • Fire Behavior
    • Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
    • Portable Fire Extinguishers
    • Ropes and Knots
    • Forcible Entry
    • Ground Ladders
    • Ventilation
    • Loss Control
  • Fire Fighter Series II
    • Building Construction
    • Rescue and Extrication
    • Water Supply
    • Fire Hose
    • Fire Streams
    • Fire Control
    • Fire Detection, Alarm, and Suppression Systems
    • Protecting Fire Scene Evidence
    • Fire Department


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