1-Day Workshop: FEARLESS CLIMATE: Building Peak Performance Under Stress – Aug 18, 2023 – Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, MT

1-Day Workshop: FEARLESS CLIMATE: Building Peak Performance Under Stress

Cost: $199 – Includes all course content, resources, assessments, a free e-book, “Fearless Leaders Sharpen Your Focus,” and 1-year access to the MAGNUSWorx App content library.

Instructor # 1:  Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg & Ret. US Navy Special Warfare Operator Matthew Werner

Sponsor: Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, MT

Workshop Location: Flathead County 911 Center, 655 Timberwolf Pkwy, Kalispell, MT 59901.



FEARLESS CLIMATE delivers unique and compelling leadership lessons powered by the 25 year career of a US Navy Special Warfare Operator across more than 22 global, high risk missions.  Matthew Werner, NSW (ret 2022) uses leadership parables on decisions from the front lines coupled with hands on workshop techniques with a behavioral scientist, #1 best selling author, Dr. Cathy Greenberg. Together they deliver a mission to inspire, impact and transcend participants applying FEARLESS CLIMATE, supported by a wellbeing app at your fingertips, to achieve habit building for peak performance across 11 domains.  This one day powerhouse course not only provides step by step hands on training to identify and help remediate individual wellness needs and stressors, it includes the leading edge research based MAGNUSWorx.com APP for a full year to truly deliver on the motto…RESULTS WILL ALWAYS FAVOR THE PEAK PERFORMER!

Benefits of This Session:

  • Understand Officer stressors in a BANI world and the counterbalance using FEARLESS CLIMATE and EI
  • Learn about the new VUCA term: BANI 

Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible

  • Gain insight to these impacts and how EI both highlights and enables wellbeing factors through language to support behavior.
  • Experience the leading edge anonymous wellbeing app Magnusworx.com first hand


  • Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg, Behavioral Scientist for DoD Special Operations, Special Forces, SRT, SWAT, multiple #1, International best-selling author, Executive Coach, Top Strategic Leadership Expert on Emotional Intelligence.
  • Matthew L. Werner, US Navy Special Warfare Operator and NSW/Dev Gru Training Lead (ret 2022)



An invaluable state of the art resource to meet the needs of a challenging age. It gives us a language to name thoughts, to narrow our focus, and to stay dedicated and focused in the moment. Study it, apply it, Find your focus, find your resilient emotions and feelings to achieve your best in the moment, anytime, anywhere” Lt. Col Dave Grossman (ret) #1 Trainor for Law Enforcement, Award winning author, On Combat, On Killing, On Spiritual Combat

“As a Sheriff, one of my highest priorities is the peak performance and well-being of my staff. If we aren’t taking care of them, how can we take care of those we are sworn to serve. The MAGNUSWorx app is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen and deployed at my agency. It gives us the opportunity to ensure our staff is being cared for in the way they deserve while inspiring all to transcend through habit building capabilities across 11 domains.”  Sheriff Charles Blackwood, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, NC

Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Focus: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

It takes someone with special insights into the workings of the human mind and the human spirit to help top U.S. military become even better at their jobs. Dr. Cathy Greenberg has those insights. For the past few years, this renowned entrepreneur, educator, bestselling author and leadership expert has applied her remarkable methods about creating fearless leaders to the elite within the U.S. Army, the Navy and Special Forces.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg even helps those who’ve already achieved great things in life to recognize the power and potential they don’t know that they have. For Dr. Greenberg – who has a PhD in behavioral sciences and is an internationally recognized authority on human behavior – the keys to becoming a fearless leader include optimizing one’s emotional intelligence, stretching one’s comfort zone and developing a guiding moral courage. She has created a system to help potential leaders develop these qualities.

Dr. Greenberg is one of the few coaches and thought leaders to have realized the powerful insight that mindfulness – being present in the world – and balancing all aspects of one’s life and work create truly fearless leaders. She has worked creating and fostering leadership for much of her career.

Most recently, Dr. Greenberg created the above-mentioned custom-tailored leadership and self-actualization programs for the Special Operations community including SWAT, and Navy Special Warfare (which includes SEALs and Special Warfare Combat Crews as featured in Act of Valor). She also just completed a series of training videos for flag officers at the Pentagon.

In addition, Dr. Greenberg is an educator and entrepreneur, often combining the two fields in her work on behalf of fostering leadership, workplace efficiency and happiness, and in showing how emotional intelligence ensures better performance, greater job satisfaction, higher profits and overall corporate stability. She was named one of the Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs by Executive Excellence, a journal on leadership from the renowned pioneer in leadership studies, Warren Bennis.

Matthew L. Werner

Matthew is a 25-year veteran of our armed forces having spent over 20 years in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) operating as a Special Warfare Combatant Crewman (SWCC). He has earned the title of Senior Enlisted Advisor working his way up the ranks in Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) leading and training the top 2% SEALS and SWCCs in NSW as well as being directly responsible acquiring, developing, testing and fielding state-of-the-art equipment, weapons, tactics, techniques and procedures.

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