Dynamic of Interposition: Duty to Intervene

Course Overview

It’s well recognized in the police profession that a senior officer has a duty to intervene when a subordinate officer becomes abusive towards a citizen or suspect. But what if the offending officer outranks him? Does the junior officer have a duty to intervene in order to protect the citizen? The answer is a resounding “yes!” The justification for doing so is found in a long-standing legal principle called the Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate. America was actually founded on this historic doctrine and it is pervasive in our legal framework to this day. In this session, we will explore the rationale behind the doctrine and how to exercise it in the midst of a crisis.

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the legal and historical framework of the Duty to Intervene.
  2. To understand how the Doctrine of Interposition applies to law enforcement.
  3. To understand the circumstances in which intervention is necessary.
  4. To understand the proper method of interposition.
  5. To understand the Dynamic of Interposition in relation to the Dynamic of Authority.

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