Crisis Management & De-Escalation Communication Skills During The COVID-19 Epidemic

2  Credit Hours

This course provides a general overview of commonly encountered types of mental illness as well as general behavior issues related to stressors. Officers encounter and respond to crisis, domestic and dispute calls daily. Through this course, they will gain an understanding of the types of stressors that cause and increase issues.

This course will present a series of skills that can be used to de-escalate and manage general and specific crisis situations. Officers will learn the important role of communications, empathy, body language, and how to avoid roadblocks especially in this time of the COVID pandemic while balancing officer safety.
This course was created in collaboration with:

  1. Minnesota CIT
  2. Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association
  3. National Command & Staff College
  4. Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office
  5. Rochester & Crystal Police Department


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