Credible Leadership Program: Application & Advancement (47 hrs.)

This phase builds on Credible Leadership Program: Foundations and Principles and Credible Leadership Program: Theories & Practices by addressing the balance of humanistic and tactical approaches to law enforcement leadership.

This third course in this series focuses on understanding the human factors of police leadership and how if used effectively, it can change the internal culture and external perception of an organization. It is steeped in emotional intelligence and self-realism, containing modules featuring Advanced Emotional Intelligence, Human Factors in Policing, Adaptive Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership, Credible Leadership, Toxic Leadership, Community Leadership, and Tactical Leadership. Each of these modules is designed to make students take an introspective look at how they apply leadership practices both internally and externally.

As with the first two courses in this series, this course contains segments from experts in the field of organizational leadership that reinforces the curriculum. This course will tie the previous two courses together and prepare students for the practical applications involved in the program.


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