The Family Medical Leave Act For Public Sector Employer

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Course Length: 2 hrs. Student Contact

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Course Overview

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) went into effect in 1993 with the purpose of protecting an employer’s job when the employee became injured or sick or need time off to care for a loved one. While the Act has been around a long time there are still many misunderstanding by employees and employers what it does or does not do. This course discusses the basics of the FMLA as applied to public employers. We discuss the terms and definitions and coverage of the act and what it requires employers and employees to do. We discuss the protections of the Act and also the obligations that employees have when applying for or taking FMLA leave.

Learning objectives:

Upon the completion of this course you will learn: 

  1. The definitions in FMLA and who and what conditions are covered by the Act.
  2. Employee rights under the Act to reinstatement upon return from leave.
  3. Employer and employee notification obligations.
  4. How intermittent leave works and the relationship between FMLA leave and other paid or unpaid leave.
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