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Police Cruiser Traffic Stop

The content of this Law Enforcement Series as presented by the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) on this portal, follows general law enforcement procedures.  The modules were produced in 2012 and are provided here for educational purposes only.  Review of these modules does not guarantee Pro-Board Certification by any police agency nor local, state, regional or national body. The topics included are: 

  • Burglary
  • Searches
  • Traffic Stops
  • Drugs Abuse and Recognition
  • Person Contacts and Interviews
  • Interviews and Interrogation

DISCLAIMER:  The content of this publication and associated videos is only for the informational use of invited participants in this presentation.  Information contained herein is only a tool to assist you in managing your responsibility to maintain safe premises, practices, operations and equipment.  This presentation does not cover all conditions that may exist and does not constitute legal  professional advice, nor is it an endorsement of the instructor(s), the Readiness Network Inc., International Academy of Public safety, National Command & Staff College, Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development or any source cited or information provided.  It is the responsibility of each local agency and government to determine the suitability and applicability of these materials to its needs and circumstances.  For decisions regarding use of practices suggested by this presentation, follow the advice of your own agency policies and legal counsel. Implementation of any practices suggested by this presentation and material is at your sole discretion.  Finally, no tests or evaluations are provided for this publication and associated videos and thus no certificate of completions are made available.

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