Employment & Americans With Disabilities Act

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Course Length: 2 hrs. Student Contact

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Course Overview

Since the over 30 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and then move to the definitions in the ADA was enacted, amended and subject to extensive regulation making by the EEOC there have been thousands of cases litigating the scope, extent and impact of the ADA on many aspects of life in the United states. This course focuses on the ADA in both public and private sector employment. In this course we start with a basic discussion of the history and purpose of the ADA. You will learn the significant definitions of a qualified disabled person, reasonable accommodation and undue hardship. While some of you may have a basic understanding of such terms we are also going to spend a bit of time discussing lesser known but still important aspects of the ADA in employment like testing, physical and mental examinations and record keeping requirements. You will also learn of the complex interaction that often exists between the ADA, other federal laws such as the FMLA and state laws concerning such things as discrimination and worker compensation.

Learning objectives:

Upon the completion of this course you will learn: 

  1. The history and public policy goals behind the ADA related to prevention and reduction of employment discrimination against qualified disable persons.
  2. Fundamental concepts of the ADA including qualified disabled person, reasonable accommodation, undue hardship and how the interactive process f the ADA is intended to work.
  3. Obligations of the employer outside the workplace under the ADA.
  4. Restrictions and requirements for record collection, physical and medical and mental testing.
  5. How essential job functions are determined under the ADA and applied in the workplace.
  6. How the ADA interacts with other federal and state employment laws.
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